Puebla, January 25, 2022. — Today, with the attendance of state governor Luis Miguel Barbosa, the LINK EV Electric Vehicles announced its plans to set up an assembly plant in Puebla with an estimated investment of over 5.3 billion pesos (265 million dollars), generating 400 direct jobs and 1,250 indirect jobs in five years.

Link EV Electric Vehicles is part of Citizens Resources, a US firm with over 40 years of experience in international energy markets. In 2017, Citizens adopted a change of vision and a business plan to reduce its oil- and gas- based operations in order to focus on green energy, developing new business lines focused on energy transition.

As part of this new approach, the firm is committed to offering a range of efficient solutions for sustainable mobility, through the production and distribution of electric commercial vehicles to move people and goods within metropolitan areas, as well as the creation of a network of distributors and service.

In order to supply electric commercial vehicles, the company has entered partnerships with EVDynamics, based in Hong Kong, and QEV Tech, based in Barcelona. EVDynamics currently handles production, supply chain and technology from the Asian markets, while QEV contributes with technical services, technology development, approval support, logistics and design.

Together with its partners, Link plans to start manufacturing in the Americas and has opted for Puebla, a state with a robust automotive and auto parts industry, with sophisticated supply chains and skilled workforce. The plan also contemplates exporting to North, Central and South America.

LINK sees the adoption of electric commercial vehicles and fast charging stations with wireless charging technology as the first steps towards electric mobility.

Operations are expected to begin in the second half of 2022 with 4 production lines that will have a total nominal capacity of 1,200 units in a first stage in which 7-meter microbuses and 7.5-meter cargo and passenger vans will be manufactured, as well as 8.5-meter urban buses. Link already offers imported vehicles and cargo solutions in Mexico.

About LINK:

LINK EV is a subsidiary brand of Citizens Resources, based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a U.S. company with a more than 40-year track record in international energy markets. Citizens currently operates distributed generation facilities, energy efficiency solutions, solutions for gas combustion in burners, green mining, electric mobility and smart cities. With a team of more than 50 professionals with extensive experience in energy sectors, based in the United States, Mexico and Europe, Citizens is committed to meeting the goal of leading the transition towards a more efficient use of energy.