Link EV will invest 265 million dollars at a plant in Puebla

With an investment of 265 million dollars, US firm Link EV, in partnership with Chinese automaker EV Dynamics and Spanish QEV Technologies, will set up the first plant for last mile and urban transit electric vehicles in Mexico.

By Lilia Gonzalez; January 25, 2022

With an investment of 265 million dollars, US firm Link EV, in partnership with the Chinese automaker EV Dynamics and Spanish QEV Technologies, specialized in electromobility, will set up in Mexico the first plant of last-mile passenger trucks and urban transit to immediately service the local and Latin American markets, as well as North America.

According to Sergio de la Vega, CEO of Link EV, a subsidiary of Citizens Resources (energy transition company) the company’s bet is to start production in Puebla at the end of this year, “early 2023 at the latest, as the demand for electric vehicles is high” in Latin America, as a result of the replacement of combustion units for sustainable energy.

The Latin American market was served with imports from Hong Kong, Asia where the plant for these commercial vehicles is located, but given the high cost of sea freight from the East, Mexico was chosen as the maker for the Americas via Link EV, said de la Vega in an interview.

The factory will be located in Puebla, close to the Volkswagen plants, to take advantage of the local supply chain and procurement, which will allow Mexico to assemble 4,000 electric commercial and passenger vehicles.

“Our plan is to build a first plant to produce the models for which we are finding greater demand in the market. The idea is to do it relatively quickly, because the demand is out there. The need to tend to these markets is not a three-to-five year-project, but a plan for this or the next year. We have designed some manufacturing processes that allow us to begin operating late this year, something that will depend on global supply chains,” he said.

The Governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, confirmed the Link EV Electric Vehicles investment, which will create 400 direct and 1,200 indirect jobs throughout the project.

Link EV Electric Vehicles is part of Citizens Resources, a US company based in Boston, Massachusetts, with a 40-year track record on electric mobility solutions: vehicles, service and electric charging network.

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